House Gutting, Cleanup & Rebuild Master List

Sign up here if you need assistance pulling out furniture and belongings, tearing out water-logged carpets, floors or sheet rock, mold remediation or other serious clean-up efforts for your home. You can also sign up if you need help rebuilding your home.

Entries will be sent to most of the major organizations doing house-gutting. If you have been redirected here from Crisis Cleanup, please see the explanation here. You're in the right place.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are entering multiple addresses, you must "sign out" to enter a second address. Go to the bottom of the page and click sign-out, then you can enter another address.

If you have any problems with this form, please call Emily Lopez at (225)200-9594.

(If you're looking to volunteer, that's a different list. Click here.)

#1) Do you need help clearing out, gutting or mold-treating your flooded home?